Augur TreeTime error

hi ,
I have been getting this error while trying to build a tree.

augur refine --alignment alignment.fasta --tree tree.subs.nwk --metadata metadata.tsv --timetree --divergence-units mutations --output-tree tree.time.nwk --output-node-data refine.node.json

augur refine is using TreeTime version 0.11.1

ERROR from TreeTime: This error is most likely due to a problem with your input data.
Please check your input data and try again. If you continue to have problems, please open a new issue including
the original command and the error above:

Hi @sani38,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble building a tree. It looks like there’s a lack of date information in the metadata. TreeTime expects that to be under a column named date. Can you check that it’s there? If the data is not sensitive, you also share the files to this public forum so we can reproduce the error and give you better guidance.

– Victor

Looks like this is also being discussed on an open Augur issue, but I’m unable to confirm that these are the same users.

Hello. Yes, i posted there as well. I just made an account for discussion today. Is it not allowed to post on both platform? I am new to this. I am sorry :slight_smile:

hi, thank you for your reply. I am a new user so I cannot attach any files here. I have replied back to you on mail and attached them there. I have also posted the same on Augur . You can access the files from there

No problem! I just wanted to make sure we were helping the same person! We can continue debugging in the Augur issue.

Ah, apologies. This was an unintentional restriction enabled by default. Thanks for telling us about it. I’ve increased the “newuser max attachments” limit from 0 to 8.