Error with augur export v2: meta data file does not exist

NB: This is a cross post from the GitHub issues page

Hi all,
I followed the steps outlined in the Zika tutorial and successfully completed all the steps. However, when running the final step augur export v2 I get the error message that the meta data file does not exist. I input the same metadata file that I used in some of the previous steps, and I know the file is there because I enter it with autocomplete button. I have also successfully run this command on other datasets. I also noticed in the help menu that --metadata is optional, but if I skip this option I still get a message that a metadata file is missing.

Are there any other reasons this error message might occur besides a missing file?



augur export v2 --tree results/tree.nwk --metadata Metadata_GISAID_all_countries.20210526.tsv --node-data results/branch_lengths.json results/traits.json results/nt_muts.json results/aa_muts.json --colors colors.tsv --auspice-config auspice_config.json --output auspice/Norwegian_foreign_GISAID.json
ERROR: meta data file (Metadata_GISAID_all_countries.20210526.tsv) does not exist

replied to Github issue: