Problems with Using

I am running nextstrain for msa_0908.tar.xz. When I use the step of the analysis. I get the following error or problems. I have chosen the MSA file because it has a unique ID or EPI ID or Ascension ID. How should I solve it?

Hi @vrmarathe - I haven’t been able to confirm, but my guess is that we cannot read a .tar.xz input. Could you extract the actual sequences file and provide that as input? (This file can be .xz compressed.)

@james Thank you for the help.
I have another problem. I have a VM where I run the nextstrain analysis.
Now I start the analysis and when I close the session of the VM on my Putty windows application, nextstrain stops executing when I relogged in to have a check whether it is still running. I solved the problem using nohup on nextclade and it worked. I tried to do it on nextstrain, it does not work. Is there a way to run the analysis after I close the session ? Snake make also gives me an error saying that

Building DAG of jobs…
Error: Directory cannot be locked. This usually means that another Snakemake instance is running on this directory. Another possibility is that a previous run exited unexpectedly.

I have another question, I have used nextclade to get some data in the form of .tsv files. What are the difference between nextclade and nextstrain outputs ?