Artifactual genomes/nodes


Have anyone ever seen these kind of rogue nodes being placed at the root height of a tree on auspice? They drag the root all the way back in time.

Haven’t seen this before Anderson – could you email me the dataset JSON so I can take a look?
cheers, james

I get this when I remove (intentionally or through a bogus script) the num_date field of some tip

Hi @james,

After I found the cause of that issue, I ended up not keeping that JSON file, and just later I saw your response. That was caused by two artifactual genomes composed only by Ns, which may explain their position at 0 in the x-axis, and at the extremes of the y-axis. By removing them I solved the problem.


Thanks both – this would make sense. Something along the lines of the artefactual genomes not having a sample date in the metadata, resulting in tips without a num_date value, which we assign a x-position of xScale(undefined) which, rather than throwing an error, get rendered to the far left of the display.

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