File traitsdivision.mugration_model

Hello, checking the files in the results folder I found the file traitsdivision.mugration_model.txt
I have searched how to understand these tables but I can’t find anything in the forum, can someone help me to interpret the results of said file?

Hi @juan_dc. These files are output as part of running “augur traits”, which is effectively a wrapper around TreeTime’s “mugration” model. In a trait model, the rate of transition from states A→B, A→C, etc… is estimated. The mugration_model.txt output is pairwise matrix listing these rates. These pairwise rates should be largely comparable to pairwise rates estimated by BEAST using a standard phylogeographic model.

In addition, you get a JSON file that gives estimated locations of internal nodes in the tree and relative probability of these locations.

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Thank you very much for the reply.
Kind regards from Colombia

Juan D. Ceron