GISAID account activation help - urgent

Dear wonderful Nextstrain community,

Thank you for making your code open-source!

We are trying to support several PCR Covid-19 diagnostic test makers in determining the impact of emerging variants on the results of their tests; however, we tried obtaining GISAID accounts over two weeks ago, but none of them have been activated. They are all institutional email addresses.

We’ve tried emailing the one address posted on their site, with no replies, and even found people on linkedIn who work there, but they keep directing us to the same email address.

Any insight into how to get the registration completed/approved?


Sorry to hear about the troubles Jeremy, and unfortunately I don’t know of a better way to contact GISAID.

Since you mentioned emerging variants – there are some sequences from these variants available from open-access databases like GenBank and/or downloadable from COG-UK. While waiting to hear from GISAID, perhaps the public sequences could at least get you started?

MW422255.1 (USA/SEARCH-5574-SAN/2020)
MW422256.1 (USA/CO-CDPHE-2100156850/2020)
MW423686.2 (ITA/CL106/2020)
LR991698.2 (UnitedKingdom/COG-UK/MILK-9E2FE0/2020)
LR991699.2 (UnitedKingdom/COG-UK/MILK-9E05B3/2020)
MW450666.1 (ITA/APU-POLBA01/2020)
MW451205.1 (ITA/APU-POLBA05/2020)
MW462650.1 (USA/MN-MDH-2252/2020)
MW462651.1 (USA/MN-MDH-2253/2020)

B.1.351: [both of these have a lot of N’s, I recommend downloading COG-UK’s fasta and metadata and selecting some of the many B.1.351 sequences]
MW517347.1 (USA/SC-COVID21-0037/2021)
MW548962.1 (USA/SC-CDC-LC0003421/2021)

P.1: [these are not the most complete, but at this point COG-UK does not seem to have P.1 sequences]
MW520923.1 (USA/MN-MDH-2399/2021)
MW558281.1 (USA/MN-MDH-2575/2021)
MW559120.1 (USA/OK-USAFSAM-S0004/2021)

I hope you hear from GISAID soon.