“ * ” in branch labels---aa

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In my auspice page, I selected Branch Labels by aa, but there’s "

  • " in my VP1 label, please tell me what’s wrong with it?
    Is there some mistakes in my sequences.fasta in data dic?
    OR the " * " replaces many aa in one site.

Thank you in advance for your kind answers, I’m really in the need for advice here.

Best regards!

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Hi Bayley,

The * probably stands for stop codon - so nothing is wrong with your pipeline or output.

All is working as expected, I think. The presence of stop codons may be indicative of sequence quality problems though - unless the stop codons are in genes that are not strictly required for virus function.



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Hi Cornelius,
Thank you for your answer,
As you replied, I found that there’re some mistakes in my sequences.fasta, which contains 3 cloning strains, once I deleted them, there’s no " * " symbol in my labels.
Best regards!

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Great to hear you figured it out :slight_smile: