Intermediate augur outputs

I am trying to use the ‘galindia.ipynb’ notebook that trevor mentioned for visualising ncov phylogeny on baltic. It requires 2 inputs: the global.json (tree file) and a meta.json file, which I suspect is the output from augur export v1. Is there a way I can access this particular intermediate file.

Alternatively is there a way to run galinida on just the global.json file?

Please let me know!

Can you give a bit more details about what you’re trying to achieve, where you heard about galindia.ipynb etc? None of these ring a bell to me, if you could provide a link that would help.

Is this what you mean h5n1-cambodia/galindia.ipynb at master · blab/h5n1-cambodia · GitHub? Looks quite old, from 2017 - so it may indeed require augur export v1 to reproduce.