Is Auspice hover-over information display configurable?

In using Auspice, it seems that the hover over information changes based on color (and maybe filter) selections. For example, if I color the leaves by an amino acid change, I no longer see the pango lineage or clade in the popup. Does this happen with other users, and is the behavior manageable / configurable?

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Hi @antongray,

This is currently the expected behavior for Auspice. The hover panel fields are hard-coded and one them points to the current color-by.

The hover fields are currently not configurable, but I think that’s mostly due to us not having a use case for it. I think it can be added as a new feature, but maybe @james has more insight here.

If you click on the leaf you’ll see all the available information (shift-click for branches, otherwise you’ll zoom the tree!). We chose this behaviour to keep the node-hover boxes a manageable size.

I’ve thought of wanting that feature in the past, so @antongray is not alone here :slight_smile:

Would be great to be able to customize more than one hover over information!

I’ve created a GitHub issue for this feature request. Tree: Add ability to customize tip/branch hover panel entries #1729

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What exact functionality are people looking for?

Currently we aim to show a small subset of information on node hover, and all available information in the node (shift-)click modal. Do people want to use the auspice-config to define a hardcoded list of attributes to always show on node hover? Is this in addition to, or instead of, the current data shown?

It would be really helpful to provide an example of the auspice config JSON (assuming that is where it’s defined), and / or describe what’s expected to be shown in the on-hover info box.