Modifying builds.yaml file

Hi everyone,

I have several hundred sequences from the US and the world that I would like to use to generate a time-resolved phylogenetic tree. I also have the sequences.fasta file and metadata.tsv file with proper formatting. How do I modify the builds.yaml file to accomplish this. Most of these sequences have information down to the city (location column in the metadata file).

Thanks for your help.


Hi @upandey! Great to hear you’re giving Nextstrain a go!

Have you tried following the tutorial given here? This is a great way to get familiar with how the build works and how you can start modifying it. You might be best starting off with a more simple tutorial to get used to how things work (just using GISAID sequences for example) and then trying to insert your own sequences. Or, you can try from the start mixing in your own sequences - depends how confident you feel you are!

Please give this a try and I hope it can get you going!