Old json files error?

why are some files under auspice folder in envs from 1985
my collegue received the following error

when she went looking she found the package.json file was from 1985

I checked my installation and it also says 1985.

Is this true? or should we update something? btw all updates indicate the latest auspice (2.29.1) and augur version (13).


Hi @KimB. That message is only a warning for developers, not an error, and should not impact your Auspice installation. It is unrelated to the file timestamps you see.

Separately, those timestamps of 1985 are an intentional choice (for reasons I won’t get into here) by NPM, the package manager used to distribute and install Auspice. All packages used by NPM use the same fixed date in 1985.

In any case, nothing is amiss and Auspice should work just fine.