Tutorial data ends up in a tree with 3 seqs only

Hi all,

When I follow the tutorial on SARS-CoV-2 and run the example the shown link does not work. When I drag and drop the three files as explained to auspice it shows a tree with 3 sequences only. I did not change any .yaml file or anything.

Can this be a consequence of our cluster blocking the download of the reference data?

I am happy ro provide more data if needed.

Thank you.

Hi Carlo,

Welcome to the Nextstrain discussion forum. We’re happy to help, but could you please share a link to show exactly which tutorial you are following?

What’s your computer setup (OS), what environment have you got installed etc?

You say you’re running this on a cluster? It depends on the setup, for example in the Basel SLURM cluster, you normal nodes cannot connect to the internet, so all jobs requiring internet connectivity should be run as local rules.

I’d recommend running the build locally first as it’s less moving parts then.

Where do you get your data from? GISAID or Genbank? Or curated from Nextstrain?

The more info the better :slight_smile:

Best, Cornelius

The issue was solved thanks.