Using travel information (country_exposure)

Hi all,

What is the best way to incorporate travel history in the discrete phylogeographic analysis?
Is it just a matter of, for example, using the country_exposure column (and other exposure columns) as geographic information, or is there a specific command used for travel information to be taken into account?

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Hi Anderson!
It would be good if some others from the team could chime in to ensure I’ve got this straight, but I believe that just using the country_exposure column and then passing this into augur traits should do the trick - this is what we do in our ncov builds. We then do some fiddling afterwards to try and align this with the display… see incorporate_travel_history rule (and corresponding script) here. This is some adjustment so that the nodes show up the color of the place they were sampled, with the exposure location being a separate trait - but this isn’t necessary if you’re just interested in using the exposure information to infer traits on internal nodes and are less concerned for appearances!

I hope that helps!

Really helpful, @emmahodcroft. : )
Thank you.