Where to find the meaning of the following augur commands?

Hi, I’m new to nextstrain. I tried the following command and it worked out. However, I need to know more about the meaning of these augur commands.

augur filter \
  --sequences data/sequences.fasta \
  --metadata data/metadata.tsv \
  --exclude config/dropped_strains.txt \
  --output results/filtered.fasta \
  --group-by country year month \
  --sequences-per-group 20 \
  --min-date 2012 

I can guess almost all the commands, except the “–exclude config/dropped_strains.txt” and “–min-date 2012”. Or where shall I find the explanations? Any comments are greatly appreciated.

The best place to start is the Nextstrain docs. The specific page for augur filter is here.

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