Yamagata fluB HA1 amino acid in the 'Genotype' or 'Color By' selections

Dear colleagues,

When I searched for Yamagata influenza B virus HA gene data, I noticed that there is no option for the HA1 amino acid in the ‘Genotype’ or ‘Color By’ selections. Could you please confirm if I’m missing something or if there’s an issue with the data visualization tool? Thank you for your assistance.



Hi @virusgcy, thank you for pointing out this issue with the Yamagata tree! We think we’ve identified the issue on our end and will need to rebuild the trees for Yamagata HA. We will post back here when the corrected trees are available.

Hi again @virusgcy, the Yamagata HA trees should now work as expected. As an example, see the 2-year Yam HA tree.

Let us know if you have any other questions about these updated trees.

Wonderful! Thank you very much! Your team’s efforts are truly appreciated!

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