Coloring trees by mutations

Hi, I would like to show the SARS-CoV-2 phylogenetic tree, highlighting those isolates that bear a specific deletion. How do I do this? I figured out how to specify a specific point mutation, but not a deletion.

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Hi Brett,

Do you want to color by or filter?

You can color by nucleotide or aminoacid, then deletions will show up white.

You can also filter by deleted nucleotides.

What’s not possible is to specify a deletion stretch, so all you can do right now is say: color by the amino acid at S:69. Or filter for S:69-

Here for Amino Acid at S:69,S:70:,70

Here filtered for S:69- and S:70-

This is how you filter,70-

Awesome, thanks! Yes, I want to color, not filter.