Augur clades didn't work

Hi NextStrain team, i am building a tree of my own data. i want to add clade to my tree, but the “augur clades” does’n work. my commands are the following:
augur clades \

–tree results/tree.nwk \

–mutations results/nt_muts.json results/aa_muts.json \

–clades config/clades.tsv \

–output-node-data results/clades_muts.json \

–reference config/ \

Maybe i misused the commands, could you please give me some help?

Hi @Elena, can you copy and paste the error message you get when you run this command? Other than the unnecessary trailing \ in the last line of your command, this command looks reasonable.

Thank you! I found the problem. i have deleted the last “” and it goes right !