{"E": {"end": 26472, "seqid": "data/genemap.gff"…} failed required validation for ["nuc"]

Dear @nextstrain-team,

augur clades --tree results/tree.nwk --mutations results/nt_muts.json results/aa_muts.json --clades config/clades.tsv --output-node-data results/clades.json
Validating schema of 'results/nt_muts.json'...
Validating schema of 'results/aa_muts.json'...
   {"E": {"end": 26472, "seqid": "data/genemap.gff"…} failed required validation for ["nuc"]
ERROR: results/aa_muts.json contains an `annotations` attribute of an invalid JSON format. Was it produced by different version of augur the one you are currently using  (23.1.1)? Please check the program that produced that JSON file.

Hi there,

Without the input data it’s hard to see where the issue lies. It would be great if you could upload all the input files to the command.

Where did you run this command? What are you trying to achieve?



Dear @corneliusroemer,

Please see my attached zip file, I run it by macbook pro by conda enviroment, I try to build tree map entropy frequencies following the
Archive.zip (545.4 KB)

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