Auspice fails to fetch frequencies and frequencies cannot be normalized


I would love some support in getting the frequencies panel to work in Nextstrain. It would be great to add this feature to the Cambodian build we are currently developing here. Unfortunately I can’t get the frequencies panel to work both in my build and in the “getting started” tutorial build.

To my understanding the only requirements to enable the panel are:
1/ Adding “frequencies” to the panels in the auspice JSON. Which I have done.

“panels”: [

2/ Making sure a “tip-frequencies” JSON is available for auspice to fetch. Which is the case

Augur doesn’t report any errors. However when I visualize the auspice JSON the tool prompts an error “Failed to fetch frequencies” and the Frequencies tab indicates “Frequencies cannot be normalized”.

You can see an example of this here: auspice

I have been troubleshooting for a while now and have been unable to find a fix. All help more than welcome!




Community urls are good practice for as I could immediately see in ncov-Cambodia-build/auspice at main · Koen-vdl/ncov-Cambodia-build · GitHub that you need to rename ncov-Cambodia-build_4m_global_tip-frequencies.json as ncov-Cambodia-build_4m_tip-frequencies.json


Thank you so much for solving this babarlelephant. I indeed messed up the naming convention of the json files! derp