Color in emerging lineages

I just want to make sure I understand the current set up of emerging lineages. The emerging lineage list is getting pretty long and includes older VOCs, but only the more recent ones (real emerging ones) have colors. Is that right? I feel it used to only include the more recent lineages.
Snapshot from the open build on auspice


We changed this recently. Not sure what it was before, one could check the file history on Github.

Right now we use it to test clades.tsv definitions for various potential Nextstrain clade candidates.

So it’s set up as a copy of clades.tsv with addition of extra members.

Coloring is controlled via color_ordering.tsv, we color only the novel things, the rest is there just as background.

Does that make sense?

That makes sense! We have been using it as the default display so users can see quickly whether they have anything of (recent) interest on their trees. Is this usage still appropriate with this recent change? Would those “extra members” on top of clades.tsv which seem to have colors still be what’s new and emerging and worth attention? I liked the nextstrain’s emerging lineages list b/c you guys are much more on top of new lineages than us.