Does NextStrain recognize emerging clade 20B/S.484K

Hi NextStrain team,

I’m wondering if NextStrain includes any clade that is roughly synonymous to pangolin P.2 (with E484, seen in Brazil)?

On the covariants website, I saw a reference to “20B/S.484K”. As I understand the NextStrain naming strategy, this would be an “emerging clade”. However, when I run one of these genomes on NextClade, I get “20B” as the result. I checked the reference given by Covariants for this genotype, and confirmed that they were P.2 strains on GISAID. So I have two questions:

  1. Does NextStrain include this in its ‘emerging clade’ definitions?
  2. Are there any websites/tools report emerging clades? (it seems that NextClade and GISAID both report just the major clade – 20B)