Questions about new strain 21k

Hi! I wanna ask how this emerging strain “21k” is defined? It this the recently b.1.1.529? Thanks!

Yes I too would like to know more about the emerging variant Omicron.


if you’re looking for definitions of the 21K clade (and all other Nextclade’s variants), you can find them here: ncov/clades.tsv at master · nextstrain/ncov · GitHub

21K (Omicron) 	nuc 	8393 	A
21K (Omicron) 	nuc 	13195 	C
21K (Omicron) 	nuc 	18163 	G
21K (Omicron) 	nuc 	25000 	T
21K (Omicron) 	nuc 	27259 	C

From my experience, yes the lineage B.1.1.529 is included in the 21K clade.

I have recently posted about a procedure to systematically get the correspondence between Pangolin’s lineages and Nextclade’s clades. My question is in approval:)