Extracting geo-location from lab annotation

Does anyone have a good way to convert lab names into coordinates?

Hi @guslac - just to note, it’s good to be careful when trying to do this, as labs often take samples that may be from outside their immediate area (a good example of this is the UK, where labs are sent samples from across the country). The most reliable geographic location of a sample is what’s given in the metadata!

Thanks @emmahodcroft . Unfortunately I haven’t had access to metadata for ~1 month now, as explained in this thread: Nextmeta nextfasta not on gisaid

I see - I’m sorry we haven’t gotten back on this! It’s been a pretty crazy time right now and it’s hard to keep on top of all the issues. I’m sorry that the solution of some others uses didn’t work, either. Unfortunately this is a GISAID issue, and we can’t offer any direct help here. I’d suggest reaching out via their contact email to ask them about it - perhaps they can help?

Does GSAID have an actual email address, or just the Contact form?

Hi @guslac - Sorry, I thought there was an email, but perhaps they prefer people to use the form these days, if there’s no email listed!