My analysis dont show me the especific location that i expect

Hello, mi name is Guillermo, im from Colombia, first of all i have to thank you for this excelent tool with important aplication in health sciences.

I being here, to ask you about a run that im trying while a time ago, about 2675 sequences that im filter and trated from gisaid, there is a thing that i observed in my philogenetic trees, and its about the map that i can see after i run the configfile, the map dont show me the especific place that i want, i reed: Adding Custom Lat-Long Data — Nextstrain documentation.
I have to explin me, because im interested if the tool can give me a map with latitude and longitude about all the location of the sequences of my run (the locations are cities and towns of a specific division in Colombia called Valle del Cauca), but i cant show up this, im only have in result in the map a big circle ubicated in the Colombia space.

Also i read: Troubleshoot common issues — SARS-CoV-2 Workflow documentation
and i understand about this that " This is most often a result of the country / division not being present in [the file defining the latitude & longitude of each deme]. Adding it to that file (and rerunning the Snakemake rules downstream of this) should fix this."

i think that i can resolve the problem adding longitude and latitude of the location of the sequences in my metada, but it didnt work…

So i think to solicitate you help about what more changes and when in the script i have to do for already fix this thing, and have the result i expect.

thank you all.

There is the pic about the results that i am having, but i want that the map could figure out the separation in the location of the sample, Valle is a division region in Colombia, and in location i put all the towns and cities of this division, also i put the longitude and latitude of the locations in my metadata, like Adding Custom Lat-Long Data — Nextstrain documentation told

HI @guillermoNR - from that screenshot it looks like the geographic resolution is currently showing “region” - there is a dropdown in the sidebar which will look something like this :point_down: which you’ll need to change to the resolution you defined lat-longs for. Let us know if this doesn’t help and we’ll continue troubleshooting!