Help needed for builds.yaml file

The ncov pipeline is working perfectly fine. However, I am having some trouble to configure the builds.yaml file.
Here’s my current builds.yaml file looks like:

    subsampling_scheme: bangladesh
    region: Asia
    country: Bangladesh
    title: "SARS-CoV-2 Sequences in Bangladesh"


      group_by: "division year month"
      seq_per_group: 302
      exclude: "--exclude-where 'country!={country}'"

      group_by: "country year month"
      seq_per_group: 50
      exclude: "--exclude-where 'country={country}'"
        type: "proximity"
        focus: "country"

I have skipped the files configuration part here. This configuration works as intended.

Here’s the country legends from


As you can see, the target country and it’s regional countries are showing correctly. However, the countries from different regions have become one group, which is a problem. I want to show those countries separately just like the other countries shown in here. I also don’t want to show the Asia region legend here.

How can I change something to make sure the countries from other regions don’t group together and show separately and also to not show the legend Asia region here since it has no grouped sample (rather individual countries) in the generated output file?

Thank you.

For anyone else finding this topic useful, discussion on this issue can be found here on Github!

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