Losing country info in final build

Hi all! Thanks for a super tool. I work with Institut Pasteur of Madagascar and have been helping them get the Mada sequences together for a local build on a community page here:

In general, it is working great, but we are losing the country-level information in our build in all sequences from outside of Africa. I assume this is something incorrect in the way I structured the build file. Could you please advise?
The build file is available for viewing here:

Many thanks!

Ouch! The fix is to remove the region: Africa from your builds block, as this is causing a metadata modification step to run. Everything else looks good!

I’ll try to add this to our docs now.

Thanks very much, James, for the help… I was able to successfully make this edit and my build now shows country-level info for all regions. When I drag the .json file into auspice.us on my browser, it all works great. However, strangely, when I try to build it through the community build url, the build is no longer showing up. I believe I named all the files correctly–and they worked before.


Do you have any advice?

Thanks again,

Awesome! Looking at the GitHub repo I think the files are very slightly misnamed – Madagascar needs a capital “M” so that it matches the repo, e.g. auspice/ncov-Madagascar.json.

Wow! :woman_facepalming:t4: … Thank you for catching that. I stared at it for so long and still could not see it. Thanks so much for the quick reply!

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