How do I export raw date strings in addition to num date?

In addition to num_date that gets exported by augur export, I would like to include the raw date string as contained in the metadata, e.g. 2022-09-XX. How can I do this?

Do I need to specify the date column as a coloring in auspice_config.json? Does this work?

@james @jlhudd

I tried googling and reading docs but this wasn’t immediately obvious so I thought I ask here - could be that this is also of interest to others.

Motivation: In monkeypox, we have some outlier dated sequences that have only the month specified. But since the date is unspecified, there’s still date uncertainty. So it’s not immediately obvious what the raw date was.

Oh the solution is simple, just include it in auspice_config.json, e.g. {"key: "date"} in colorings.

I somehow expected this would be more complicated.

More on auspice configuration options can be found here: auspice_config.json configuration guide

Huh - I didn’t realise when writing the recent docs that you can include these keys by specifying them in your auspice config. I’ll amend the docs!