Add new column in the color by option

I am using Nextstrain from quite longer.

when we visualize the data in auspice color by option is there which gives different colors based on default columns present in metadata file.
I want a another columns to be added in the color by option.

How to do that please guide me.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @pratibha,

If you have an auspice_config.json which you pass into the augur export v2, then you can add a new entry to the colorings setting there and re-run the export. Here’s an example for our ncov workflow.

If you’re passing options directly to augur export v2 and not using auspice_config.json, you can use the --color-by-metadata option to specify an additional metadata column to use for colorings.

yes. in auspice_config.json file we can add additional columns present in our metadata file.
“key”: “location”,
“title”: “Location”,
“type”: “categorical”

→ key will be column name
title : the title you wish to see in the auspice color by option for that column name
type: Categorial / Continuous