Large, novel Spike deletions of unknown origin (not reproducible outside nextstrain framework)

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I was alerted by my colleagues that a newly sequenced SARS-CoV-2 sample had multiple novel deletions in the starting amino acids of the Spike protein.

Bracing for another variant of concern, I ran the sequencing data through my own pipeline (bwa-mem2+iVar) and submitted both to nextclade.

Nextclade identified large Spike deletions in both sequences:

However, I could not find a single indication of these deletions outside of the nextclade results.

Both consensus sequences had the Spike start codon fully in-tact.

My variant caller (iVar) found no such deletions, save for the well known ones further down the gene (69-70 and so forth).
Other tools, such as the GISAID CoVsurver and cov-glue, didn’t find anything out of the ordinary either.

The consensus sequences (same sequencing data, different piplines) can be obtained here.

Do you have any idea what happened here?

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Thanks for flagging this. You are right, these deletions aren’t real.

the reason seems to be that the amino acid alignment is thrown off by the large numbers of N early in the sequence preceding the deletion around position 65 in spike. We’ll try to fix…

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Hi @guy,

We have improved alignment of peptides and now it should be a little better. It is released in the Nextclade CLI 1.5.0 and Nextclade Web 1.8.0.

Let us know if it solves the problems you observed.

See this PR for more details:

Hi Ivan,
Yes, this solved it. Thanks for the quick reply!