MissingInputException in line 262 of

Hello All,
Good Evening/Morning

I was running Nextstrain on local data, I got this error message when I submitted the run:

(nextstrain) bioinformatics@G1:/mnt/d/Bioinformatics/nextstrain/ncov$ snakemake --profile my_profiles/investigation_1/ -p
Config file defaults/parameters.yaml is extended by additional config specified via the command line.
Building DAG of jobs...
MissingInputException in line 262 of /mnt/d/Bioinformatics/nextstrain/ncov/workflow/snakemake_rules/main_workflow.smk:
Missing input files for rule subsample:
    output: results/default-build/sample-all.txt
    wildcards: build_name=default-build, subsample=all
    affected files:

Does anyone have an idea how to solve it?

this is the nextstrain version

(nextstrain) bioinformatics@G1:/mnt/d/Bioinformatics/nextstrain/ncov$ nextstrain --version
nextstrain.cli 3.2.3

Thank you

I am also facing the same error. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to resolve it. Looking for the effective solution from the members.