Nextclade - Dengue

Hello! Are there any plans to incorporate Dengue datasets into Nextclade? If so, do you have an approximate timeline on this?

Sarah Schmedes

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Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your interest in Nextclade and a Nextclade Dengue dataset.

Currently, we are not working on a Dengue dataset. Instead, we are working on making it easier for the community to create the datasets that they’d like themselves.

Datasets involve knowledge about the virus in question and so it is best if they are curated by a subject matter expert. Currently, datasets are made by a small group of people in the Neher lab, so we have limited capacity.

Given the interest in Nextclade datasets for various viruses (e.g. MERS, avian influenza, HPV, …) we are thinking how to best help the community develop the datasets they want themselves and how to best share them through Nextclade (e.g. similar to how you can see Nextstrain community builds/trees that are not maintained by Nextstrain but community users).

If you’d be interested in making a Dengue dataset we’d be happy to guide you.