Assistance required for adding SARS-CoV-2 build to NextStrain datasets

Hi NextStrain Community,
Hope you are doing great. I am new to github platform and require assistance in adding following SARS-CoV-2 build to NextStrain datasets

Your help will be highly appreciated.


Do you mean just the community url? It is

Then for adding it to you need to look at Add your dataset to the collection of SARS-CoV-2 datasets — Nextstrain documentation the data file is at master · nextstrain/ · GitHub
On github do fork the repository, add your build to the file, and pull requets, which will need to be approved by nextstrain people.


Thank you for your reply. We are actually looking forward to adding our build to SARS-CoV-2 datasets. As I am new to github, so I’m trying to learn how to actually pull the request for it. I have read the documentation but need more clear step by step assistance. Would be grateful, if you can kindly take out some time to assist. Thanks

On at master · nextstrain/ · GitHub there is a “fork” button at the top right, click on it, you’ll get a copy of the repository on your own github account where you’ll have edit privilege,

Edit the data file (you can do it directly on the github website) as someone else did (seems to be link to your build plus a dot on Pakistan on the map)
then click on pull request


Thank you so much. Helped a great deal.

From where you being able to find the community link of our group? Did it get listed itself after creation of our github repository? Also, if we want to keep updating the build, what route shall we follow? uploading new builds and send pull up requests to nextstrain github repo? Thanks just looks into to find the .json files.

You update the builds directly into your github repo, nothing to change elsewhere.

Here you can maybe move the auspice directory into NIH-BIGVI-PAKISTAN to make the url simpler