Options for Viewing Genotype


I have a question regarding viewing the genotype in the auspice output. For instance, is it possible to pre specify amino acid locations for a particular site, and when you click on that site when colouring by “genotype”, that value is immediately put into the position section. E.g. it should look something like this

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 4.23.33 pm

I did take a look at the auspice_config.json options (augur/schema-auspice-config-v2.json at master · nextstrain/augur · GitHub) but I did not find anything that could help. The closest thing I found that I might be able to go off is in “colourings”, for the key “gt” (for genotype), I add something like the “legends” property like this:

"colorings": [
    "key": "gt",
    "title": "Genotype",
    "type": "categorical",
    "legend": [
        "value": "here"
        "display": "HRSVgp01"

Is this possible to do?