Advanced Gene Viewing Options


With respect to the “Color By” section in the left panel, are we able provide additional information to the auspice_config.json file that when viewing by “Genotype”, we can do the following:

  • Push genes that we care about to the top (or even remove genes we are not interested out all-together)
  • In the position section where we specify gene positions, we see positions that we are interested in (specified beforehand) pre-filled.

I could not find anything that could help me do this in auspice_config. The closest thing I found is I the “legend” object from augur/schema-auspice-config-v2.json at master · nextstrain/augur · GitHub.

As an aside, I am (sort of) able to do the above by modifying gene coordinates in the .gb file I supply in the augur translate section but this solution is inflexible. Is there any way I can do this from the auspice_config file or another alternative way?

Hi @Yas,

This is currently not possible via the Auspice config file. There is an open issue in Augur for this feature. Feel free to follow the issue and make suggestions there.