View function does not draw continents on the map

When I am visualizing the results of the Nextstrain run through nextstrain view command, I do not see the continents to be drawn on the map (screenshot attached).
I do not have the same problem if I just drag the json file to the auspice server manually. Is it a bug or perhaps I am doing something wrong?
Thank you.

Try accessing nextstrain view over localhost instead of your internal network address, e.g. http://localhost:4000/ncov/emoryCovFeb?p=grid.

The default map style shows base map tiles from MapBox using a hardcoded access token linked to Nextstrain’s MapBox account. This token is only valid for localhost so it can’t be used for other purposes. I think you’re missing the tiles because you’re accessing your nextstrain view via a non-localhost address.

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