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I’ll start the introductions! :slight_smile: My name is Thomas Sibley, and I’m a member of the Bedford Lab. I work as a lead software engineer on Nextstrain, the greater Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network study (SCAN), and the preceding Seattle Flu Study. I’m particularly interested in making Nextstrain’s toolset easier to use, via things like the Nextstrain CLI and Nextstrain Groups.

Hi all! My name is John Huddleston. I’m a PhD candidate in the Bedford Lab through the University of Washington’s Molecular and Cell Biology Program. I develop methods to improve long-term forecasts of viral evolution (specifically influenza A/H3N2). I am also a Nextstrain developer and contribute most substantially to command line components like augur.

Hello! My name is Lynette Gumbleton and I am with Wyoming Public Health Laboratory. I have been charged with task of creating a NextStrain local build for Wyoming. I am looking for help getting started!

Hi all,

My name is Alex Rubinsteyn and I’m a new PI at UNC. I have worked primarily on cancer vaccines and machine learning for immunology but, like many people, I have taken an interest in virology this year. I’m currently collaborating with other folks at UNC on the sequencing surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 samples.