Where did the Omicron data go?

Here are two screenshots. One has Omicron samples shown in Red and was taken on December 15th.

The other is from today December 17th, 2021 and the Omicron data has vanished! Was this deliberate? Why was it done?
(As a new user I can’t put two pictures in one post, so the Dec. 17th picture will be in a reply to this post.)

Taken today, December 17th 2021. Omicron is no longer shown.

Well as of today the 18th it has been fixed and Omicron is displayed again so I guess the error was fixed.

Omicron clade labels were a little brittle when Omicron appeared, this should have stabilized now.

Also, it could have happened that no Omicrons were sampled in, because there were so few of them to begin with.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.