Wyoming Build Request

Hello! NextStrain is absolutely fantastic. We would love to create a local build for Wyoming. Would you all be able to provide some guidance for us in getting started?

Hi @LynetteGumbleton! The best place to start is our tutorial for creating your own SARS-CoV-2 analysis with Nextstrain. This tutorial includes details about how to obtain GISAID data, how to prepare your own state-level data to include in the analysis, and how to customize your analysis to better represent patterns in your state.

The Nextstrain team is also working with the SPHERES consortium to setup semi-automated state- and territory-level builds for the United States. As part of this work, we have prototyped what a state-level build would look like including Wyoming. You can view the prototype build for Wyoming as a Nextstrain community build. In this prototype, samples from Wyoming appear in red when the tree is colored by “division”.

If this seems like a useful direction for your needs, let us know and we can help you migrate the settings from this prototype into your own GitHub repository and setup your own community build.