Adding logos along the description of a build


How can users add logos along the line describing people and institutions that maintain a nextstrain community build? Just like we see here, with the addition of a GISAID logo.

Can users do that in regular nextstrain comunity builds, or is this customization only available for special auspice visualizations?

Anderson Brito

Hi @andersonbrito,

If you mean to add “Enabled by data from GISAID logo” to community builds, this can be done by adding the data_provenance section to your auspice_config.json (see Nextstrain example):

"data_provenance": [
      "name": "GISAID"

Otherwise, it’s currently not possible to add specific logos to the byline.

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Is there any reason why the GISAID logo is displayed when the JSON file is loaded on, but not when the same file is loaded via github on

Hi Anderson - I think there’s been a mixup between files - the dataset JSON in your GitHub repo doesn’t render a GISAID logo on either or This is because it’s missing a data_provenance section.

To add the logo, see Jover’s answer above.

P.S. You can use rather than

Thank you, James.

Indeed, there were some mix up there. The logo is now showing up as expected.
Thank you for your help, and for letting me know about