Help sharing tanglegram via GitHub


I’m trying to create a link so as my trees can be publicly available through Github. as described in share community builds documentation. Community Sharing of Results Via GitHub — Nextstrain documentation

I have my two .json files in a repo


When I

I can see both of my datasets, however I can’t seem to have both to be able to make the tanglegram. Is this possible without using a narrative?

Any help kindly appreciated

Hi @acoggon3,

The second tree dropdown box is not populated for community builds since it is hard for us to check which datasets should be used for tanglegrams for external sources. However, you can edit the url to create a tanglegram. I was able to find your GitHub repo using your username so for your specific case the url would be:

Notice the : separating the two datasets. This tells the Nextstrain server to display both trees in a tanglegram.

hi @joverlee

thank you! that’s really helpful. - I’d not gathered that the full pathname for each was needed.