Narratives Link Setup

The documentation at Writing a Narrative — Nextstrain documentation is not fully clear to me. Isn’t it necessary to change also my localhost:4000 link in the markdown to some github URL? Renamed the markdown file as suggested but the link does not work unfortunately.

Thank you.

Unfortunately it’s not very user-friendly to develop datasets & narratives in tandem - this is a good reminder for us to update the docs here (or better still, improve auspice).

The domain for datasets defined in the markdown (either localhost:4000 or isn’t actually important, rather it’s the path that matters. The Auspice client, when parsing the narrative, uses this path to make dataset requests to the domain it (auspice) is served from - the domain specified in the markdown file is ignored.

As an example, using your narrative markdown file which defines the dataset http://localhost:4000/ncov/bavaria.

  • If you are using auspice locally, e.g. via auspice view on localhost:4000, then the dataset http://localhost:4000/ncov/bavaria must exist.
  • If you are using auspice through, then the dataset must exist. This doesn’t exist, which is why you can’t view your narrative through the community functionality.

More information available in this GitHub issue

Thank you @james.

Get the idea that only relative URLs matter but still do not know how to implement the github storage

Then, by uploading the repo to GitHub it will be available to everyone at