Displaying multiple trees in a community build (segmented virus)

Dear Nextstrain team,

We would like to simultaneously display 2 trees corresponding to distinct segments of a bunyavirus in a community build. This works nicely on a local machine, but not with our community build using the recommended .json file naming format.

This appears to work for the official Nextstrain/seasonal-flu, but not for community builds of influenza found online.

Would you have some advice on how to make this possible?
Bonus question, likely way more difficult: 3 trees on the same screen?
Many thanks in advance!


Hi Etienne - dual trees do work for community sources. As an example:

Tree 1: nextstrain.org/community/babarlelephant/cov/sarbecovirus-partial-rdrp
Tree 2: nextstrain.org/community/babarlelephant/cov/sarbecovirus-spike
Both trees: nextstrain.org/community/babarlelephant/cov/sarbecovirus-partial-rdrp:community/babarlelephant/cov/sarbecovirus-spike

Three trees isn’t possible, and probably never will be! I know this can be done using the python library baltic.

Dear James,
thank you very much, we were able to display 2 trees following the example you shared!

On a local machine we are able to do this using the option in the left panel called “second tree”, where the trees are listed (very convenient to switch between multiple trees).
In our community version, it shows “no results found”, hence our question.
Nevertheless, this can be considered solved for us!
All the best,