Downloaded SVG has different fonts

I noticed that when I download the screenshot in svg format, all text appear in a different font no matter what browser I use to open the file. Is there a way to switch back to the original font (as seen on the website before downloading)?

Font on the web page is clear:

Font from the svg download is thin and unclear:

Hmm. The issue here is that some bits of font information aren’t included in the exported SVG, mainly:

  1. The @font-face declarations to ensure the correct variants of the Lato typeface family are available (via Google Fonts). Without this, Lato may be a) completely unavailable and substituted with some other font or b) available but not as the intended variant.

  2. The font-weight: 400 declaration to ensure the intended variant is used for the text elements.

I’d consider this a bug in Auspice.

As a workaround, you should be able to modify the downloaded SVG file to include the following immediately after the first line:

@import ",200,300,400,500,700";
text { font-weight: 400 }

I filed a bug in Auspice.