Frequencies Date Limited

I have generated a build that can be seen here. While the tree shows data from March 2020, the frequencies panel only shows data from October 2020. Looks to me like frequencies are only calculated once the first VOC is identified. Is this the default behaviour? If so any way to over-ride it?

For the ncov build, frequencies are calculated within the bounds of a set date range. The default is [1 year ago, today], which I’m guessing is what you’re seeing the effect of. You can change the build configuration’s frequencies section to adjust the min_date and max_date (or recent_days_to_censor) parameters as appropriate.

Excellent advice again @trs - thank you.

For those (like me) still getting familiar with the structure of inputs, you can over-ride the default settings (stored in defaults/parameters.yaml) by adding lines to your custom builds.yaml. In this case I added the following and now have frequencies for the entire period:

  #Ensure that frequencies are generated for the entire period under review and not just the last year!
  min_date: 2020-03-18
  max_date: 2021-09-20
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