How to add an annotation in entropy?

In the entropy panel, there are only genes’ annotations according to the information from the I wonder how can I add some annotations like receptor binding sites, antigenic sites in this panel? I guess it won’t be difficult to do that. Thanks.

Hey @JingLu – this should be possible, with caveats.

Auspice should display all the annotations within the genome_annotations block of the dataset JSON (see schema here). Note that auspice only has one way of displaying items here, which means overlapping regions won’t necessarily be displayed clearly, see this issue for more.

These annotations are typically read from the file by augur translate, and the output of this is used by augur export to create the genome_annotations block (code here). The parsing of the genbank file is done here) and it looks like any CDS feature tagged as locus_tag or gene will be parsed. (This sometimes requires a bit of trial and error to get right, but augur translate is pretty fast.)

Thanks, James. Hope there will be a new version that can add overlapping annotations.