How to find my result by auspice

I have installed the nextstrain to my server through the steps of Installing Nextstrain — Nextstrain documentation (Unbuntu Linux; Native). But when I do my practice with Zika virus, typing the last command (nextstrain view auspice/) doesn’t show up on my server and the web link given to me could not be opened. I can’t find the folder by the path of /home/LiuJY/miniconda3/envs/nextstrain/lib/auspice/node_modules/auspice/narratives. Has anyone experienced this? How can i solve this? Thank you for your attention.

Can you explain your setup in more detail? What do you mean by “installing to your server”? Are you running this on a laptop with Ubuntu, or on a laptop with Windows and then Ubuntu through WSL2? Or is this on a remote server?

On your picture I don’t see that the link could not be opened. I see that auspice was started correctly and all looks good.

You can always inspect your auspice.json by dropping it into the website - then you don’t need to run any local server of anything.

Thanks for posting here! I should have answered here first to encourage questions on the discussion forum as opposed to email - that’s definitely what we prefer!

@trs added the following answer:

I’ll add on that if you’re running nextstrain view on a different computer (e.g. a remote server) than the one you’re opening the link on, then indeed accessing http://localhost:4000 won’t work. Instead, you’ll need to run nextstrain view with the –allow-remote-access option and then access port 4000 on the server’s IP (or hostname). This also requires the server doesn’t have a firewall blocking external access to port 4000.

I really appreciate your reply. I run this on a remote server. When I type: Nextstrain view results – Allow-remote-access, In the /home/LiuJY/miniconda3/envs/nextstrain/lib/auspice/node_modules/auspice/ can’t find “narratives” and the website about Interactive Visualisation of Phylogenomic data also showed: 404, or an error has occurred. Details: Couldn’t load JSONs for anything

I have encountered a new problem, how to add the world map as the base map? Thank you

@ljy can you look at errors in the browser console? It looks like the request for the map was not successful. It’s possible that firewalls block access to or wherever the map is from.

@ljy - please see this thread for context on why the map tiles may not be appearing

Thank you for your reply. I will check the browser console. But I have another question, when I saw my
results it will show “Couldn’t collect available narratives”

I am very appreciated your reply. I followed your instruction but the map still did not appear.