Tutorial, different instructions

Hi there:

I am following the online documentation step-by-step to learn nextStrain thoroughly.

Below are my two questions:

  1. In the first section “Install Nextstrain”, I installed Nextstrain successfully. Then, at the “Explore SARS-CoV-2 evolution”, why the tutorial instructs me to run “curl nextstrain.yml --compressed -o nextstrain.yml” and “npm install --global auspice” again, since I already installed NextStrain in the “Install Nextstrain” section at the beginning?

  2. Also, the instruction for visualization is different. This time, it asks me to go to (http://auspice.us/) and drag and drop the JSON file auspice/ncov_global.json. but for the ZIKA tutorial, I was told to open localhost. So, why the difference?

Thank you very much & best regadrs,

Hi @jiehuang001 – our documentation could always be better so thanks for pointing these inconsistencies out! To answer your two points:

  1. Since you’ve already installed nextstrain, you can skip this section
  2. There are multiple ways of visualising the data through Auspice – the online drag-and-drop tool auspice.us or by running auspice locally (i.e. localhost). You can pick whichever method you are most comfortable with.