How to replicate/update previous tree

I’m trying to recreate a tree done a few days ago, but cannot find the filter option “Filtered to 20A(1212)”, which showed the EU1 and EU2 clades in North America.

Now there is an option 20A(851), which excludes that EU2 branch. (sorry I’m not allowed to upload the second screen shot )
How can I update a previously created tree with more recent data?

Hi @kmwittko,
Thanks for reaching out! I’m sorry this is causing you trouble. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of discrepancy in the tree in what is labelled as 20C in some of the North American runs - sometimes this label is pushed further up the tree and then it can encompass clades such as 20A.EU2, when they should be more side-by-side.

Unfortunately for the current North American build there’s not a way to restore this, as 20A.EU1 is falling as part of 20C, so filtering by 20A (the numbers in parenthesis are just the number of sequences that fall into that group) will not show anything below 20C.

However, it is possible to look at older trees, where this has been shown more correctly - you can add the date to any run to look at previous versions of that build (keeping in mind we only run the builds on weekdays). So this link takes us to the run from Thursday last week where the 20A filter should work as it did previously:

However, there’s no way to update this tree to have more recent data.

We’ll try to keep an eye on this in future, as 20C should be ‘further down’ the tree, and not including 20A.EU2. There’ll be another run today, so hopefully it will come out with the clades assigned properly. I’ll also look into the possibility of allowing filtering by Emerging Clade, which may be a more direct solution to your issue!

I hope this helps!

Dear Emma,
Thanks for getting back to me with this helpful explanation.
I‘d like to add some more general comments, but I‘ll try to use a different channel.