Increase weight or colors of transmission lines

I was able to generate an output with transmission lines at location level, but they look too light and thin, so when I print the map they almost disappear. Is it possible to change weight and color of transmission lines?

Thank you


Hello @leocaserta,

Here is the documentation page for all the Auspice view configuration that is currently available: View Settings — Auspice documentation

The only relevant settings are transmission_lines at the JSON level and transmissions at the URL query parameter level, both of which show/hide the lines. Unfortunately, what you are looking to do is not possible at the moment.

Looking deeper in the code, it’s apparent that the weight/color/opacity are hardcoded (src):

    .attr("stroke-opacity", 0.6)
    .attr("stroke-linecap", "round")
    .attr("stroke", (d) => { return d.color; })
    .attr("stroke-width", 1);

If this is something you’d like to customize, I’d suggest creating a feature request in Auspice so we can triage the request accordingly.


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