Modification of lines and pie chart

can I configure my analysis so that the ancestor lines are not reflected in the pie chart of the map and the latter is only modified for each of my sequences?

this tends to confuse a bit
Thank you


Hey @juan_dc – transmission lines are only shown if the current geographic resolution (e.g. country) is annotated on internal nodes as well as terminal nodes. In practice, this is whether the workflow has run augur traits on that piece of metadata.

Note that within auspice you can also toggle these lines on/off, but the default state isn’t currently configurable.

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Hello, it seems that the image of my question was not uploaded, I hope that with it the question is better understood
Thank you

Hi @juan_dc – this happens because the internal branch (e.g. the green one) has both a Clade (the current colouring) and a geographic location (division?) assigned to it; this allows us to plot an occurrence on the map. If you remove the geographic-inference from the tree (i.e. don’t run augur traits) then this will not happen.